Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You DON'T Say!

So the French murderer is a muslim trying to pull off an al-quaeda linked terror plot? Who could possibly have guessed it? I mean, aside from Michael Savage and everybody who listens to him and/or uses their own brains instead of watching the alphabet news networks.

I'm sorry, but this was called a full two days ago by a man willing to use his mind and then speak his mind. I tried to find a story to link last night and french muslim shooters were nowhere near the top of the search results page. Now, it's all over the place. Now that it is already reported AND undeniable and the "major" news networks were all badly scooped by John Q. Francoise out there.

The news networks in Europe and the United States: TERRIBLE when it comes to stories that don't neatly fit into the leftist narrative. Like this one. I shake my head.

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