Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ignorance Is Bliss

I know a guy who just bought a new $1k+ camera. He handed it to a guy who started making a rapid series of snapshots of nothing in particular, and freaked out a little bit. Didn't this other guy know? These cameras are like your heart: they work only so many times, and then they stop. The number of times they will work is so long something else will probably happen before it stops, so most people never worry about it. It works out to cost something like a dime every time you make a photograph, if the shutter on this new camera lives up to its rated life - and most live at least that long. Well this guy with the new camera squeezes all the blood out of even the smallest turnip - and he was not amused at this waste of shutter life!

I was going through the photos on our new camera just now. It is an older version of the same type of camera, and also has a limited (large) number of exposures it will be able to make before dying. I noticed a bunch of shots in a row were all blurred and overexposed, and asked my Darling Wife about them. She had no idea how the camera was set, she was just being silly snapping away at the Zoo. Not a care in the world about camera life, but having a good time making pictures - no matter how they came out.

Sometimes it is amazing to consider the variety of people one knows, even in little details like this which mean basically nothing in the Big Picture.

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