Thursday, February 2, 2012

Madness at Work: Halfway Cute, Not All There . . .

We have a new cleaning crew at work to replace Cleaning Buddy. They are all just as fat as CB, except one girl on the crew who is about normal-sized (NS). I was on the way to the restroom to drain the lizard when . . .

NS (standing 2 feet from restroom door)
IT Buddy (goes from his office, around NS, into restroom
NS (waits a few seconds, pushes open bathroom door, sees ITB's back, exits bathroom)
NS (sees VFD, smiles sheepishly)
VFD (goes into restroom, into 2nd stall, commences to piss like a racehorse into the toilet)
ITB (finishes business, washes up, exits)
NS (enters bathroom)
VFD (still sounding like a fire hose down there)
NS (replaces urinal cake in 1st stall, flushes urinal, turns off lights)
VFD: Hey! Hello!
NS (exits)
VFD: Hello?
VFD (finishes business, exits restroom in the frikken dark already)


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