Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY/Solved! HP C7670A Scanner Software (free from Hewlett Pacard)

We have a Hewlett Packard Scanjet, a C7670A - and a Windows XP computer. The problem: doesn't say the first word about a C7670A. I had to dig through the Internet's left pocket and come out with a fuzzy slip of paper that had been washed and dried in somebody 's pants . . .

well, it wasn't that bad, but how hard would it have been for HP to have SOmething on their website that gets you where you're going, starting from the part number on the device instead of the (unmarked) model number?

The C7670A is a 6300c in disguise. You need a 95 Megabyte file from the Hewlett Packard website. I haven't tried the document feeder yet, but at least it's got us scanning and printing without any additional fuss thanks God!

Many thanks to Jerry K, moderator at for posting the knowledge and a working link!

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