Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Refiew: Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher

Cliffs: This product pwns all. This is a win and a half for Brita and all people who buy them.

This pitcher is great

Long version: We have been using a filter pitcher that took Brita filters and it was pretty cheezy - not terrible, but not the greatest. The time came to get more filters, and we had a choice to make: buy more filters and use this chumpy pitcher, or get a new pitcher with a filter included and buy more filters later? It was a tossup until I went to the grocery store and saw this filter pitcher up on the shelf. It's a color my Darling Wife likes, and I felt like getting her something nice just then so I picked it up.

We followed the preparation instructions and we've been using the pitcher for a couple of days now. I can only describe this pitcher as great. It holds "10 cups" which translates to "fill the top twice to fill the bottom once" and this is enough water to give everybody a good drank before having to fill the top again (fill the top and it filters the water, dropping the water into the bottom). The oblong shape is a nice size and doesn't take too much counter space. The handle is perfect for my size 8 hands to get a good grip. Comfort grip indeed. The filter change indicator is a gadget but at least it works as intended. The plastic is well-molded and the fitment of the parts is good, as I expect from Brita. As with other Brita filter pitchers like this, it makes the water better and does so in a pretty big hurry.

Fill it, wait a couple minutes

There's no fuss, as is the case with all their other filter pitchers. This one is extra nice because it holds enough water for us all but still fits under the kitchen faucet. It's light enough, even the older children can use it. It's pretty. More importantly, it works. I paid full retail plus tax for mine and I'd do it again if something happened to this unit.

Yeah but the top falls off!

Some people have complained that the top falls off while pouring. I checked: my hand holds down the back edge of the top while pouring. I moved my hand down the handle to uncover the top and tilted the pitcher to 90ยบ and the top stayed put just now. I had the top fall off exactly ONCE, the second time I filled it. The top was full of unfiltered water, which makes it weigh about 1000x more than it weighs when the top is full of air; I tipped the pitcher and the full top fell off. Lesson: wait two minutes for it to filter the water before pouring! This is a non-issue for me.

Battery is non-replaceable!

Are you REALLY going to be using the same pitcher for five years? Really? Okay then, so $0.50/month is too much to save for another one. I'm pretty sure if I pried the indicator would pop off and I could replace the battery, but I'm pretty sure the Zoo will manage to destroy this thing before that happens.

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