Monday, February 6, 2012

What Goes Up, Dead Cat Edition

Long-time readers will recall that the current state of our national economy is described by experts* as "in the middle of a Dead Cat Bounce." It can be hard to make that point to people when the President is cheerleading a falling unemployment rate** but here it is in chart form:

Gasoline, that people use to get to work and back, is statistically off a cliff.

Yeah, and?

Some people might say the reason people use less gas in this extreme is that people are losing their jobs and/or stopping working in huge numbers . . . regardless of the unemployment rate published by somebody looking to get re-elected this year.


* that would be me
**fewer workers in the labor force = lower unemployment rate. More people by tens of millions but fewer counted "workers" than there were a decade ago. Lower unemployment just like that.

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