Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Newt Playin A Whole Different Game

Everybody is on Santorum's jock for winning a couple of votes tonight but you know what? Newt's the wiser. I'm seeing a trend of Gingrich not giving a hoot for any primary where there are no party delegates being committed, but he's been in the fight in most caucuses where delegates are at stake. He's going for committed delegates to the GOP convention and giving the beauty contests a cold shoulder.


Make that a fat, ugly cold shoulder because let's face it the man is not winning any beauty contests.


N.B. yet another pair of races where the Not-Romney won. That guy stinks for a candidate which is why the leftist press wants so badly for him to be the nominee. The left wants you to pick a guy, and you agree, how dumb are you?

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