Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Neck! My Back! My Neck and my Back!

I hope it's just delayed-onset muscle soreness from some serious rasslin' with the sewer snake the other day but I've got a sore back.


I NEVER get a sore back. I pick up stuff heavier than myself at work and shrug it off. But the other day I woke up on the wrong side of my side and today I went to pick up #4 from his bed and (as my Darling Wife says) I got a twitch on my back.

So (boo, hoo, hoo) instead of going to a baby birthday party I'm on the couch today all day. Probably go and get some aleve later, and take a long hot bath. I've got a hot pack on the hot spot just now and it helps. But we'll see.

Thank God I'm not a commercial crab fisherman. That show Deadliest Catch is keeping me from going mad sitting down and those guys are frikken nails.

For those who didn't catch the reference in the Title, you have obviously not watched Friday. These few seconds are a cultural icon on which you have missed out! This video clip has some language, so watch the volume control.

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