Thursday, April 19, 2012

Peace In Our Time

I walked in to the room where my Darling Wife was watching the idiot box. On screen there was a night-time gun battle between deck mounted heavy machine guns on two boats headed toward each other. Tracers flying both directions, men being shot, and then boats colliding, one exploding.

This is the reality of unfortunate people in other places and other times. I thank God when I remember, we are very blessed to have peace here and now.

Imagine driving to the grocery store and the pavement is chewed up in front of your car by a string of warning shots. Imagine responding to a cell-phone robocall and bringing your rifle to a battle in your neighborhood park. Your neighbor from two doors down ends up dead, riding a the swingset on his belly like a little kid but dripping blood out the exploded top of his head. You're at work and the parking lot blows up. The electricity is cut for hours every day because sappers keep cutting the lines. By jumping on them.

These are some of the possibilities of living in a war zone. Now consider that the worst hassle in your day is that some jerk cut you off and slowed down in front of you on the way to work, and then you had to call IT Buddy when the networked printer told you PC LOAD LETTER.

You people should thank God every day that you don't hear shots fired in anger. It's a blessing, and it's not a guarantee. The USA started in a local war, and there have been several "small" wars here since then. Now, the closest you get to a war is downtown ("gun free") Chicago on a weekend.

So, thanks Jesus.

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