Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well I Thought It Was Clever

Nobody complimented me on it, as everyone was too caught up in not being caught out in the rain, but I pat myself quite firmly on the back for this one. Today during church, it started raining enough to make a river in the middle of the parking lot. When we finally got everyone organized enough to be ready to hit the car after services ended, there was a caravan of minivans waiting to go pick people up under the porte-cochère . . . but only in one direction. Most folks wanted to pick up their people with the passenger side of their vans near to the curb so the families could just hop straight in. That's fine and all, but it was a wait.

So I walked out to the car and considered the circumstances. My initial thought was to back out in the same direction as everyone else, but there were two problems with that idea. 1) Everyone else was already in that line, and there was no place in line into which to back the car and 2) I'd be jumping the line if I did get in there, or else I'd be a half-dozen minivans back and we'd probably still be on line in ten minutes. Nobody was coming down the driveway from the other direction.

So I backed out the other direction. Then I continued to back up, reversing straight into the porte-cochère, and the only wait involved was me waiting for my children to alert their mother that the coach was waiting. They forded the river in the driveway but stayed out of the rain, and we drove off past the caravan of vans still waiting on line.

I win

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