Friday, April 27, 2012

Al Sharpton Goes Home in 3..2..

It was okay for George Zimmerman's dad to say Zimmerman is Hispanic. You can still rile up the useful idiots at a racist rally against a white hispanic. But now Zimmerman's mother has said her grandfather was black. This, of course, makes white-hispanic George a BLACK-white-hispanic. Now we have come full circle and this is "only" a black man killing a black man, and THAT my friends is nothing to get excited over.


Because, after all, almost every black man that is killed in America, is killed by another black man . . . and nobody seems to care that inner-city-black culture is broken so badly that this is a non-story. At least, they don't care enough to take meaningful steps to fix it. Lots of same-old not-working government program money being thrown around, sure, but I don't remember the last Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson conference on The Importance Real Fatherhood Instead of Being a Babymakin Hood Rat. But then I'm a white hispanic too, so what do I know about being Black In America? I mean, just looking at what doesn't work for white folk and seeing it not working for black folk is faulty logic, right?

Or are we all just people after all? Maybe, just maybe, George Zimmerman is an American, and Trayvon Martin was an American, and it doesn't matter what color you are when your skull is being bounced off the pavement . . . and it doesn't matter what color you are when your babydaddy is gone with the wind.


We don't need to have a new American conversation on Race. We need to tell the race pimps to sit down and shut the hell up and everybody else just IGNORE whatever color your neighbor might happen to be. If you want the black-on-black violence epidemic to end, you need the black FAMILY to be fixed. The way to have a culture full of young men who are respectful, peaceable, and generally not out killing each other over bad drug deals is to have a MAN (not just a male, a full MAN) and a woman -a family- rearing children, teaching them the right thing to do. With something like 3/4 of the black babies in America born out of wedlock, this is not happening nearly enough. We have had several generations of American black children lacking the proper guidance and leadership to become good citizens living the peaceful, prosperous (read with a sneer, "white") lifestyle.

There is no way to fix this - but that should not stop anyone from trying. If an attempt is to be made, we need a few more Bill Cosby types to show the way, and we need them at the highest levels of government, in the schools, and on the street. Big Brothers/Big Sisters is a great thing, but one-at-a-time is too slow to overcome a 3/4 illegitimacy rate and 50% dropout rate. Black culture is very badly broken and I am afraid there are not enough MEN who happen to be both black AND natural leaders who will bear the standard to the youth.

Don't get too high on your horse there white (and other color) people. Your statistics aren't looking so great either. You wouldn't be so happy about your demographics if you didn't have the absolutely-terrible numbers from the black culture to feel relatively good about.


YAWN not controversial enough, VFD!

I'll do you one better'n that: the reason American culture is going downhill is that Americans need to have a personal relationship with Jesus. You people need to get to reading, believing, and LIVING what it says in your Bibles. If you don't, not only will the country continue down the road to calamity, you will have done your part to destroy us. ONLY Christians, living like non-Christians know they should, will help America to become great and good again.

But hey, you only have a couple of small pet sins, so you couldn't possibly be the reason America is wasted.


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