Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Obama is Hitler!!!!1!

Boortz made an interesting point today. You will recall with what liberty the Democratic-leaning press repeated the charge that George W. Bush was like Hitler - and nevermind the pesky near-total lack of similarities! Well, Boortz said, during the Year of Speaking Dangerously we draw a different comparison with a different circumstance:

President Obama is very like Adolf Hitler in many ways, according to a personality profile of Herr Hitler made for the United States' Office of Strategic Services. The informed consumer of news will have little difficulty with this. The Obama voter will hardly notice as it bounces well off of his thick head.

I skimmed the profile. Most of what I read was at least close to The Obama enough to be disturbing, but I did notice one difference: Hitler didn't do much entertaining. The Obamas have made themselves a spectacle with frequent parties. Another difference: Hitler was a genuine warrior, whereas Obama might wet himself during a battle.

You people really should start listening to Boortz. Yes, he is abrasive. Deal with it, or miss bleeding-edge stuff like this.

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