Monday, April 30, 2012

It's the Little Things that Mean a Lot

I just realized I could tune my radio with 3 keystrokes. Or 1 for that matter.

Most mornings start with me listening to WSB 750 AM out of Atlanta because that's where Boortz is. Then eventually either Clark Howard's or Sean Hannity's voice will get on my nerves and I'll change to either 590 KLBJ or 1370 KJCE out of Austin.

Yesterday I had to go to Bookmarks, Online Radio, Highlight, Click and the radio stream would come up. Now all I have to do is type 750, 590 or 1370 in the address bar.

If you have something bookmarked in Firefox, the Properties dialog for the link has a field titled Keyword. The keyword is what you will type in the address bar in your browser to call that bookmark. Neat.

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