Tuesday, April 24, 2012

News Is No News

In the center of the screen: a house of cards. It looks quite sturdy, and your video has been playing for quite a while now. But it is a video from a high-speed camera. The left side of the screen shows a fan spinning. Coming slowly toward the house of cards, we see a dust cloud. We can know well in advance that the house of cards is doomed beyond any hope of saving. But the house of cards is still standing. Nevermind we have a communist in the white house and from the chief dog walker to the chief executive the leadership of the entire WORLD is broken. The whole shebang is going to fall down, but . . .

we can see it all coming but the house still stands, so why bother reporting anything? Sometimes the bad news here-comes-the-freight-train headline roll is so great that it blunts the senses. Sure, go to the NORML rally next week downtown, but what will it change?

I dunno. Maybe I need more coffee. Oh well, at least Company Owner #1 is happy because I fixed his radio. The kids are healthy, so what else do you want as we wait for the cards to blow down?

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