Thursday, April 26, 2012

Well, I Can Tell You Where I AIN'T!

I was trying to find out for whom to vote in the upcoming primary election, so I hit up the local "we register voters and cars" agency website, and searched for myself. We just re-gerrymandered redrew the district maps in Texas, so I'm in a "new" precinct. I clicked the handy link to find out where is my polling place.

I think there is still a glitch or two in the matrix. Usually our polling place is a nearby elementary school, but the map came up centered on a Chamber of Commerce location. I zoomed out and I didn't recognize any of the street names. I zoomed out a bit more and realized that my Travis County, Texas polling place is probably not going to be on the outskirts Coffeyville, Kansas.

Yeah, so . . . I'm going to be calling the *local* office tomorrow to figure out WTH is going on here. I'm guessing they didn't quite get the map code right. Do you think?

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