Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Refuse To Let You Swallow My Life!

My Darling Wife got a second-hand PowerWheels jeep for the Zoo. The battery is dead, at least. I did a little searching and found an online bulletin board dedicated to hopping up power wheels cars. Including a video of a grown-ass man riding a remote-controlled power wheels jeep at 17 MPH with someone else on the controls. There are people whose hobby it is to make power wheels go faster and/or be more capable. I will not cross over to the dark side. I will only get a battery and then see what else is wrong. It does not have to go faster.

Then I checked my email. Holy cow people on Facebook need to simmer down. Reading the News is like having a dozen 2-way radio sets on and everyone is talking at once. From what I can tell so far, it is largely talking about nothing. Boo. I scrolled through one page and I'm not clicking the Next button. Just won't do it. Don't have the time. You people have access to my e-mail and most of you (most of you who should) already have my phone number. Feel free to use those.

Two more rabbit trails I could (but refuse to) follow into Wastingtime Land. Besides which I have paperwork that needs filling out. And sleeping to do. And supper to eat. Boo.

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