Friday, August 6, 2010

Queers Are Ambivalent; Marxists Are Not.

In light of the recent re-overturning of Prop. 8 in California, there has been much commentary, but only Savage has provided the critical insight required to understand "why all the fuss?"

Typically, 'gays' don't want to call themselves purple, call themselves fish, or call themselves married. They want civil union privileges and equitable treatment for their "partnerships" when compared to marriage unions.

Typically, 'straights' don't want queers to call themselves computers, giraffes, or married. They want queers in long-term meaningful relationships not to be discriminated against just because they can never be married.

So who is agitating for the 'right' of queers to marry?

Marxists*. Marx realized that as long as the corrupting influence of the family remains, the true collectivist society can never come into being. The family must be destroyed. They may be queer also, but the real activists for 'gay marriage' are, deep down, Marxists in the struggle for the international cause.

The secular core of our society is the family. When the family is eliminated by fools saying things like " . . . no rational basis . . . ." then society is that much closer to collapse.

Then, of course, we will need a dictator for a little while, and then we can have a worker's paradise!

*or useful idiots

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