Friday, August 6, 2010

Madness @ Work

I was finishing up the photo shoot of a robot that came in a crate. The crate has big pieces of custom-cut foam to hold the robot securely in transit:

TS was walking by, watching as I put the last (middle) piece of foam in the crate. He said "hey, nice scorpion buddy" and I thought he was just being silly. I kept moving to put the foam into the crate and he grabbed the foam and pulled it away from me. We (guided by his hands) rotated the foam a little bit, and he showed me a live 2" long scorpion that had been inches away from stinging me on my (clothes over my) nads!

I took it back to show/give to LB, who eats scorpions. We have so many of them here, he has a special beaker with a tweezers on it, kept at his station just for holding scorpions who are on the menu. Say hi to Mister Bitey.


Anyhow, FDG was having a bring your son to work day today and there's a pubescent boy hanging out with LB all morning. When I went to LB's area, I told the kid to check it out. He saw: dude . . . dude carrying white foam block . . . white foam block . . . zOMG SCORPION!!!1!! and he flinched back (from a foot-and-a-half away) in most amusing fashion. Then LB grabbed the scorpion with his tweezers and put it in the holding cell. I took a picture of it. LB then says "You wanna see something badass?" LB showed me what happened one day when he had TWO scorpions at the same time: Rear naked scorpion choke!


(You are looking at the belly of a scorpion locked in battle with another (smaller) scorpion holding on to its back)


Sean said...

Maybe you guys at work, should actually work. You know to keep the money coming, so we can keep paying each of you so that the stories can reach more people, and start a revolution in my honor.

Vote For David said...

If there's a revolution going to be started, it's going to be in my honor or else Obama's.

Besides which, almost getting stung on the nuts by a scorpion definitely qualifies for the beginning of a break!