Monday, August 9, 2010

Why Women Are Better At Some Jobs:

Lack of testosterone.

One of the men at work had a bit too much coffee in him one morning and he started ranting about how women seem to end up with the (lighter) office work and the men end up with the "work" work. The phrase "glass ceiling" was trotted out. My part in the conversation went something like this:

VFD: We have women working up front because a man would choke a customer out.
LB: Are you sure?
VFD: Tell me you wouldn't
LB: Well, yeah . . .
VFD: ad hoc ergo propter hoc, we can't have men answering phones!

I know a guy who does just fine right now in customer support. He used to fly in combat zones. I know another guy who is so good on the phone, he can say with a straight face "A lot of keyboard manufacturers did away with the "any" key, but the space bar works just as well." Then again, I know a guy who will scream on the phone at people who might want to spend thousands of dollars with him. Personally, I am glad I don't have too many opportunities to interact with customers, because it probably keeps the number of return customers up. Women can be nice without trying as hard. A man has to fight himself not to reach through the phone and _____ when people are dumb.

Now, it so happens that the first two desks where I work are occupied by women, but only because women are the ones who can do the job without ripping somebody's head off, not because of sexism. We've had women work in the warehouse, but they washed out for various performance-related reasons - but we gave them a shot the same as anybody. we've had men try answering the phone, and they were quickly moved back (far) away from the phone.

I know it's illegal to teach such sexist things to school children any more, but stereotypes come from somewhere, and this is a good one. Men are well put away from customers, and women are well put in front of customers, because women do a better job at pretending to be nice than men. Sure there are exceptions (about one week a month, haha!) but if you are honest, you will admit you are smiling and agreeing with me.

(don't worry, I won't tell)

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