Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pot, Kettle, Black: Obama The Liar?

Barack Hussein Obama is either a compulsive liar, or completely ignorant of what is happening outside the political bubble that surrounds him. Having advisers who all think exactly like you does not help either condition. It is hard to tell which is the case. The following are the words of the President during a speech at a fundraiser, with my commentary:
"They [Republicans] have not come up with a single, solitary new idea to address the challenges of the American people . . . . not one."

Excuse me, but this is only the opinion of people who only watch your MSM's nightly news. Those who are paying attention to other information sources know (vs. opine) that your press lackeys have consistently failed to report on the (superior to your own) ideas coming not only from Republicans and Independents, but even the non-party-line Democrats.
"They're betting on amnesia."

You, sir, are beting on amnesia, and what's more you are also betting on a compliant press continuing to only report news that paints you and your affiliates in a good light, while completely failing to report on your adversaries unless they do something bad.


These lines were delivered at a fundraiser where he was a speaker. Listening to the audio is rough. It's at least as bad as President Bush, with all the pauses for thought and dragging . . . .sentences out . .. . waiting to think of the next words to . . . say. If he was on teleprompter, this is probably intentional, so his audience wouldn't miss a single word. If not . . . this guy is proving even more that he has a completely un-earned reputation as an orator. Listening to one of his Constitutional Law lectures (when he was an adjunct lecturer, he was never a Professor) must have been enough to make you want to pull your ears right off.

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