Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Note To Radical Patriots:

If you were planning to blow up the mulsim triumphal mosque symbol of tolerance and peace a couple of blocks away from Ground Zero, do us all a favor: wait until it's complete. Give them a week or so to get the furniture in and let all the minor repairs done that all new buildings require. Let 100% of the cost for the new facility be paid. Wait for it to be as empty as possible in the middle of the night. THEN, if you must, blow it up. If you don't wait, you will be leaving money in the pockets of those who wish to rub their victory over the west in our faces.

Until then, feel free to "accidentally" drop slaughtered hogs right on their doorstep as your butcher's truck is making its morning delivery every Friday.


Now let's be clear: VoteForDavid does not condone blowing other peoples' sh*t up, on American soil, without governmental authorization. Somebody is probably going to blow the place up, though, because it is intolerable. This post is not meant to incite, it is just a tip for that somebody.

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