Monday, January 30, 2012

Are We Going to Start Another Space Race - with China, Now?

The question came up on the Boortz show this morning: SOMEbody is apparently going to build a base on the moon. Do you want it to be China, or do you want it to be us? The question is almost rhetorical. Of COURSE you want it to be us. Then the reaction I had: Neither! We shouldn't be building [deleted] on the moon! Not our moon!

Of all the things where weights and balances are critical, the MOON is high on the list. Seriously? You make it too heavy and 'here she comes!' and if you make it too light (mining) 'there she goes!' WHO thinks it's a good idea to mine the moon or add tons and tons of mass all in one spot on the surface? This is foolish talk!

Oh sure, we will make sure it's done right. Sure, sure. International treaties to ensure mass distribution stays nominally the same. Right. Except OOPS oh well we'll make it up next year. Then next year comes and OOPS oh well we'll make it up next year. Then next year comes and HEY has anybody seen the Moon lately?

Leave the Moon ALONE. I like the tides. I like the night sky illumination. The female hormonal cycle we could do without, but . . . .

oh, wait a minute. Nevermind, mine the [deleted] out of the moon and make it go away!

(that was a joke. I'll take tides and global winds with PMS over the alternative, thanks)

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