Friday, January 20, 2012

HyundaiAftermarket > GenCoupe is better than

I frequent HA and have heard horror stories from "former" members of GC about how the site staff make it an unenjoyable experience, treating members like they are expendable and supporting disreputable vendors. If anyone is looking for a Hyundai-related message board, HyundaiAftermarket is where you want to be. Trust me on this. None of the others have the same combination of helpful staff, family-like camaraderie of the members, and a very deep treasure of accumulated wisdom. If you are currently on HyundaiPerformance and think it's too commercial and the staff are too close to the "nazi mod" attitude, go to HyundaiAftermarket instead of Gencoupe. If you miss the in-depth knowledge of the 97-01 Elantra/Tiburon (and similar year Accent) platforms since (and FXtreme) closed, know that the forum databases and knowledgeable members were both folded in to the forum at HyundaiAftermarket. All the other boards are smaller, more model-specific, and generally less hip than HA.

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