Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Madness @ Work

Cosmetic condition varies. At work we have for sale a heaping pile or two of Akro storage bins. These things sell fairly well, even used with minor cosmetic blemishes. Most of the time, used is just fine and very few are really used-up and useless. This little guy, however, was a little bit past its prime. Cosmetic condition varies in lots like this. Some may be like-new and some are marked-up with old stickers and paint & whatnot . . .

but . . .

you have to draw the line somewhere, and that line is pretty well and thoroughly crossed when you unload a 500lbs pallet of goods and realize that it was sitting funny because the weight was all smashing down on an Akro bin.


like so:

Height: 1/4" to 3", varies. Available at a significant discount!


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