Monday, January 2, 2012

Stick America With a Fork, I Think She's Done

You, as an American citizen, in America, can be detained for an unlimited duration, without a lawyer, without charges being brought. President Obama just signed it into law. Because, you know, you could be a political adversary terrorist or something. Better safe than sorry when it comes to imprisoning people, right? Isn't that what the founders said, "It is better that one hundred innocent Persons should suffer than that one guilty person should escape?" Oh well I heard something like that was said, once.

Sure it's unconstitutional. But who will challenge it? If people are disappeared and don't get a trial, how will this ever get to the supreme Court with a party in valid standing as a plaintiff? Okay, so maybe somebody gets an injunction on principle and it's overturned by a court and the law is tossed out . . . but it was made law in the first place, by 86 of our 100 Senators and our duly elected President signed it despite "reservations" about the bill. You know what he should have done? Killed it. He would be a hero if he killed it but he signed the bill into law. What's worse people that (formerly) got MY vote voted for this monstrosity. The reasons this is a total fail overall are very many, but it might just be the single-issue for some single-issue voters that gets a bunch of people to vote against the wouldhavebeenamajority Republicans in the upcoming elections. We'll see.

I could be wrong, but I don't think I am. It's over. America as it was intended to be by the people who made it - is done. We've jumped the shark. We're now waiting for the fizzle. It was real for a minute there, though. So long, land of the free.

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