Friday, January 20, 2012

Here's A Better Idea

The Legislature in Texas gerrymandered a new redistricting map that would likely give Republicans an advantage. Then a lefty court said that was raaaaaaacist and gerrymandered an entirely new map that would give Democrats an advantage. Then the lawsuit.

The supreme Court just slapped the San Antonio map drawing court on the pee-pee and said they have to START with the map made by our Elected Heroes in Austin, and then make it more legal-ish. All this, of course, because Texas might be raaaaaaaacist. After all, according to the leftists who prefer Democrats to be elected bureaucrats in the federal Department of "Justice" Texas has been raaaaacist before and might still be raaaacist by making maps that don't fairly give BROWN PEOPLE adequate representation.

Well guess what: It's 2012. The only people still worried about whether or not BROWN PEOPLE get adequate representation are STUPID OR CROOKED OR BOTH. There is no more institutional racism in the day in which we live. Get over yourselves and your stupid race hustling race pimps.

My preference: on every official form that currently has a spot for race/ethnicity, we delete that spot on the form. The datum is irrelevant to anything except getting Democrats in office and/or keeping them in power. For Congressional district maps, we make them make sense when you look at a map, with pretty close to equal population in each district. That means probably a couple of guys from Houston, Austin, and Dallas get elected as Democrats and most of the rest of the State is Republican because the rest of the state is flyover country hicks who vote republican. What does this mean in picture form?

Source: familypedia

Where there is a great big fat red spot, there is a Democrat representing leftists in big cities. Everywhere else, you add up the green and yellow in the same general area until you count enough noses to make up another seat in Congress, very likely a Republican. There. Done. How hard was that?

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