Monday, January 9, 2012

Coming Up Roses

Two positive developments appear as I gaze into my navel again:

My 10lbs chihuahua bitch is doing better. She was outside when I got home and acted all "oh poor me I need you to come get me off the ground" when I called her in. My Darling Wife (being a Mexican Female and not one to like ANY non-daughter female getting TLC from me) said she was walking around all day and not to buy the dog's act. I went out and shoo'd the little gimp inside and she was about as quick as ever, but with a big limp.

I thought I had lost $50 and was running out of places to look for it when I found it again! Whew. Good thing I like to sit on accusations of theft without proof vs. just throw them out there.

VFD: haha, yeah, so about those charges?
Officer: mm-hmm?
VFD: well, uh, nevermind we found it after all. Right where we'd put it for safe keeping.
Officer: we gotta fun thing we do here, where we trade charges: their Theft for your False Reporting
VFD: (ghost)

See? Better to be careful when thinking what happened to your stuff eh.

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