Sunday, January 15, 2012

Voter Photo ID Laws Are NOT Racist

If anyone says they think it is raaaaaaacist to require people to show photographic proof that they are eligible to vote, that person is one of two things:
  1. An idiot
  2. A liar
  3. or Both
In these days when ANYONE who is entitled to vote can go to the local government office and get a State-issued photo ID, NOBODY is less-able to present photographic identification than anyone else. If you do not understand this fact, you are intellectually disqualified, if not legally disqualified, from voting.

The ONLY people who have substantial* reasons to dislike positive voter identification are people who are trying to have unqualified/disqualified voters cat ballots. This is to say, Democrats and big-city machine political parties want your dead relatives and illegal alien neighbors to cast ballots to keep them in power. There are no exceptions.


* no exceptions except this one: a tiny number of religious people who have genuine concerns that we are marching toward the Mark of the Beast. Privacy concerns are null - this is a public ballot! Intrusive measures like retina scanning and blood draws are both overly expensive to implement AND unnecessary AND probably impossible to get into law! Yes, voter photo identification requirements are leading us down the road to the Mark of the Beast. But, by the time that rolls around, voting will be among the least of the concerns of those who don't want to take the Mark. According to my Bible, the Mark WILL come, like it or not. Do yourself a favor and don't be here when it comes into effect!

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