Monday, January 2, 2012 Website Blows Chunks.

Comparing features of phones includes reading reviews. So I was reading reviews. The page hung and I went to a different tab where the website told me I was about to get booted off for inactivity. As I was using the website.

That is to say: if you are using the website, you get kicked off after 15 minutes unless you click the box. . . on a different tab than the one you are using. If you don't see the box because you are on a different tab using the same website, tough cookies.

Somebody report this to the website already. It's a quibble but how hard is it to get your website to track active users instead of active tabs?


Plus the stupid popup menus and login boxes all over the place are slow, and don't dismiss as quickly as they should when they do pop up - which is often. How do you write a page so it loads with the BOTTOM of the page (disclaimers) onscreen instead of the top (content) showing? Poor. For everything else it may be the bees knees . . . but for reviewing phones in depth it could use some work. Oh well, what do you want for free?

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