Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Camera Porn: Kodak "Easyshare" Z712IS Image Stabilized Digital Camera w/ K8500 Charger, KLIC-8000 Battery

This was my "shop" camera for documenting my projects. The manual controls and electronic viewfinder were highlights for me.

Please click on any image to see it at 4x higher resolution.

The long-lasting battery and charger are a worthy addition.

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There is a little light wear from normal use, but you have to look for it pretty hard to see anything.

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Buy this camera!

Buy this camera!

There are four defects worth mentioning, none of which ever bothered me or interfered with using the camera.

The date memory battery is dead - when you change batteries you have to reset the date, or ignore the message and just start shooting and it will remember the wrong date for when the picture was taken. No big deal, and apparently common with this model.

The lens retracts all the way into a plastic barrel, which protects the sides of the lens when the camera is off. If you look carefully you will see that this protective shield is slightly out-of-round.

And the display has a tiny scratch on the back. It took clever lighting to get the scratch to show up for the photo. As you can see, it really does not interfere with the image onscreen. Also, the display is offset upward a few pixels onscreen. The image is cut off by a few pixels at the top and there is a very narrow black band at the bottom. The stuff shown at the top is still legible, and the more-important stuff (including full-manual controls settings) shown on the bottom shows up perfectly. This is only a problem with the rear panel LCD, the viewfinder display shows up normally.

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The displays are bright and clear, and the controls are easy to use. The Automatic and Program modes all work fine - but if you want to, you can use Aperture, Shutter, or even full Manual control! It has a pretty fast f/2.8 lens AND image stabilization, which helps you make better pictures in lower light.

When you don't want to use the LCD display, when you want to save power, or when you want to see what it is showing on top of the display, push the button to use the electronic viewfinder.

Look back up at the LCD screen at the top/right there is a "remaining capacity" indication - The memory card coming with the camera to you is not the biggest - 26 shots at maximum resolution, many more at lower resolution settings. There is also a small onboard memory in case you accidentally leave the card in your reader. It takes SD memory cards, which are available in high capacities for cheap, so no worries there.

The battery and charger didn't come with the camera. At Amazon they are a $69 separate purchase. It is amazing how much longer this battery lasts than AA batteries. Yes it can take AAs but they go pretty quick. This battery will let you fill the memory card many times over, then you recharge it instead of throwing it away. Kodak should be ashamed they did not include this charger and battery with the camera, but I am including it for you.

The User Guide and Easyshare software are available online -free- from Kodak.

The data plate is on the bottom

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