Saturday, June 19, 2010

People Who Should Be Fired: Here's One!

Kelly Beemer

  • Here (in Dallas) we have the case of a 27 year-old chick cop (well there's your first problem)
  • She went out drankin' at the club (2nd problem)
  • She got sideways and the Police were called.
  • The Policemen, instead of arresting her for public intoxication, wanted to drive her home to sleep it off.

    hey wait a minute

  • No, it happens sometimes, even for non-police types. If you get a cool cop you might just get taken home, instead of to jail.
  • One of the men who responded to the call was her boyfriend

    hey wait a minute

  • Anyway, she didn't want to go home.
  • She really didn't want to go home.
  • They got her in the car and she was complaining the whole time. Until she remembered:
  • I gotta gun here!
  • Officer Beemer, drunk as a skunk, drew her concealed pistol from its ankle holster, and discharged it in the patrol car.
  • The car was stopped and she was disarmed.
  • That last sentence is a bit euphemistic. Listening to the audio recording of the incident, the officers were shouting, pleading with her to drop the gun. Using her first name, because they were her friends and co-workers. It's pretty rough to listen to actually. It sounds like they might have been crying or nearly doing so, at the prospect of having to shoot this woman they cared for.
  • Anyhow they got her disarmed.

    The two officers who went to give her a ride home are on restricted duty and Officer Beemer is up on Class A (read: Really Bad) Misdemeanor charges for discharging the firearm.

    They should be reprimanded. She should resign immediately in shame. If she doesn't, she should be fired if the investigation says what the press has published is true. And she should never be allowed to wear a badge for the State again, EVAR.

    If you are going to go out drinking, leave your guns at home. Always.
    Kelly Beemer. Remember that name, just in case.
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