Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Radiant Barrier Working Like A Champ

My atticfoil.com DIY radiant barrier installation seems to be doing the trick. Twice in the last two weeks I have been in the attic when it was 90+ degrees outside. This used to be a recipe for misery, and a potent reminder of why I left Houston (where it feels like a summertime attic everywhere, 9 months of the year).

Both times I was surprised at how cool was the air near the attic floor. I did my work in (relative) comfort. Then I stood up and was shocked at the blast furnace coming out the gap I left in the foil at the top of the attic. The true test will be when it's 100+ degrees out and sunny, but for now I'm impressed at the temperature difference under and above that seemingly-inconsequential bit of film up there.

Between that and the new air conditioner, I'm almost looking forward to the utility bill this month. We're spending some quality time above 90 degrees outside. Here's hoping for a big whack off the electric bill!

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