Monday, June 21, 2010

Not Helping Their Public Image

22 homes were illegally built in East Jerusalem by non-jews. There is a plan in the works to raze the homes and build an Israeli tourist center where they stood. This is not likely to help Israel's reputation with the Arabs all around them, or the racists all around the world. That said, nothing will help their reputation unless the hated jooooos all drink the purple kool-aid and/or shoot themselves in their hated jooooo heads. If all the jews were dead, then the Arabs would happily live in peace with their desecrated remains.

Note: this has been the muslim plan since Mohammed started his made-up religion. The muslim denies the jew's right to exist. The jew defends his right to exist. These are what may be referred to as differing first principles, and the two positions are irreconcilable. Therefore, I vote we support the only democratish state in the region, who also happens to be a military ally and longstanding friend of the USA.

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