Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Initial Thoughts on John Huntsman

Political wonk thoughts follow:


After the debate the other day they (the leftwing establishment press) were trying to talk up Huntsman. My initial reaction: "Who the F is John Huntsman?"

So I wrote down some thoughts and today I found that paper again.

I heard one political theorist who said the person with the most soothing-sounding name wins elections pretty reliably. That theory may be full of holes or not, but John Huntsman is harsher on the ear than Barack Obama

That the democrats and MSM are trying to make you think of him as a viable, even the strongest contender against Obama makes me highly suspicious of him. Either they already have the October Surprise on him ready to go, or he's their type of person: loose social morals & a fiscal wobbly, goes easy on the rightwing stuff and soft on the left. If he (or anyone like that) gets the nomination, you can be assured the fix is in, and it's time to start stockpiling ammunition.

Maybe because he likes President Obama (called him an "outstanding leader") and the friend of my friend is my friend?

President Obama says he's done "an outstanding job" representing us in China. Maybe he has, who knows? But if Obama says you've done well, either you are on his team or you have done so well that even he can't deny it publicly. (?)

The rumor is also that Huntsman is the Bush family's favorite candidate. That would be the same Bush family that got us started down the most recent path to the cliff of economic Socialism (off of which Obama jumped).

John Huntsman has never come on my RADAR screen and I haven't looked into him for good or for bad. He may be a good candidate, but I won't know until he hits the airwaves and starts impinging on my consciousness. If he doesn't hit the airwaves, I don't know what. One fewer candidate to worry about?


Those are my initial thoughts. That the press is trying to pump him up in your eyes makes me VERY VERY Suspicious. You know of whom I am not suspicious? Herman Cain.

Give to the Herman Cain campaign if you want to do some good. If you REALLY want to do some good (and are a Christian), pray for the Herman Cain campaign and our nation.

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