Monday, June 6, 2011

Woody Allen Confesses, Does Not Resign

It goes without saying that a Republicrat would have abdicated the throne at the first hint of Wienergate. This cat not only refused to step down, he stood there in front of the cameras wallowing in his own filth for the better part of an hour!

A Good Man does not SXT MSG strangers and have phone sex talk with random wymyn he "thinks" were all of legal age.

Will the Most Ethical Congress Ever® actually throw him out on his ass?
Will his constituents?
Will his wife?

What sort of a person does things he obviously felt were worth a cover-up, repeatedly, intentionally, while holding an office of public Trust? Hello? Blackmail anyone? Was he ever blackmailed? Would he say if he had been? Does that explain some of his wacky position stances?

You'll never know. Good job, voters. Way to pick a winner.

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KurtP said...

DOOD- he's a Democrat. that's the way they play those games.
I had a Weiner poll out for my readers and it will play out almost exactly as 63% of my voters said-- he'll get over it and demand the next Repub that gets caught in the same thing to resign.