Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hassles. Big Smelly Computery Hassles.

I've got a hard drive with a good working Ubuntu distribution, a hard drive with a good running pirated Windows 7 installation, and a hard drive with a good running licensed windows XP installation. I want to get the Windows 7 drive out and the XP drive in and leave the Ubuntu dual-booting alongside XP. In fantasyland this means pulling the W7 hard drive, installing the XP hard drive, and BAM done.

Today, in my living room, not so much. I've got to undo the dual boot and see if it will let me use a different hard drive with the PC for windows or if I'll have to root around in the frikken BIOS to undo whatever the previous owner did to get a homebuilt PC to run a Dell licencsed Windows 7. Joy.

This was written as I wait for Gparted Live to download. We'll see how it goes.

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