Sunday, June 5, 2011

You're Telling Me, Robot.

Today between church meetings we went home, had a nice lunch, and everyone but me went down for a nap. I would have, but if I did, the children would not have fallen asleep. I'm the watcher, and the enforcer of sleep time. My Darling Wife (most important) got a good hour and a half or so. I got maybe 30 minutes, 10 minutes at a time and not the best sleep ever recorded. Whatever, so back to church we go and I was in the nursery with the youngest boys for a few minutes and felt like whinging. I decided to send myself a cutesy text message.

VFD: whips out phone
VFD: punch buttons until it is asking who gets the message
VFD: enter my phone number by pushing letters until they turn into numbers
VFD: type message: "needa nap"
VFD: hit send
Phone: "Sending Message"
VFD: flippin sweet, here we go and . . .
Phone: "Service Unavailable"
VFD: *snort* Tell me about it!
VFD: try again, using number entry mode to name the recipient
Phone: "Sending Message"
VFD: Okay, that seems to have worked, let's see how long it takes :D
Phone: *Reboots*
VFD: SRSLY phone?
Phone: Oh hai! Somebody sent you a message while I was sleeping . . .

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