Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pessimist, Realist, Whatever.

Today they were talking about how 42% of the "unemployed" in America have been unemployed for longer than 6 months. Sucks, right, but then they said this is a higher percentage than in the Great Depression. Well it is a lot easier to be unemployed for a year when they PAY you to not have a job for 6 months, but when you fall off the other end of your unemployment checks and still can't find a job, that's a Real Bad Problem you have there.

Technically, the economy may be in a piss-poor recovery, depending on how you count the numbers. Practically, we're still in a pretty deep hole and we'll be in it for a while. When the "next recession" comes, some of us will have seen it coming. Please forgive us our obnoxiousness as we continue to maintain it is not a new recession but just another downturn in the Great Recession of a couple of years back.

But it's not a Depression because, of course, a Depression just can't happen here.

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