Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poetic Justice Served up Hot

Two jerks canceled each other out this morning and I laughed at them both as I drove by.

On a 2-lane road with a shopping center off the right side . . .

I was in the #1 lane with a little SUV in front of me. In front of them in the #2 lane was a bobtail cargo truck. Behind the cargo truck, slightly behind me was a sedan. There was no traffic to speak of behind these four vehicles.

The SUV puts on their blinker and is obviously going to cut over in front of the sedan within a couple of car lengths. They would be cutting off the sedan but not too bad. The sedan speeds up and shuts the door on the SUV, and is (bygod!) not cut off. The SUV then has to decelerate and merge into the right lane behind the sedan. They immediately slow down and turn off into the shopping center.

The jerk preventing a merge in front of them by accelerating, prevented the jerk from merging in front of them and hitting the brakes to turn off into a parking lot when they could have waited a couple seconds and not cut off the other car. I laughed pretty good at the way that played out as I drove by.

At least nobody had a fish on their car.

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