Friday, June 17, 2011

Corrupt Government is Corrupt.

The law? That only applies to the little people. To GM, we say: The law applieth not!

Wait, oh yeeeees NOW I remember asking to watch gunwalking go down on the internet camera in real time! -ATF (soon to be former) Acting Director Melson

You have a business? It has locks on the doors? You shall put a box outside containing a key to the door, and the box will share a master key with all the other business' key boxes, and we'll have a few hundred of those master keys. Because shut up that's why.

Three hat tips to Uncle today.
Update: and two to Instapundit

The President is a lawyer, so of course he knows better than the specialist-type lawyers at the Pentagon whether or not he is officially starting a war when he bombs the sh#t out of another country that did nothing to us . . . and goes ahead over their objections.

No cuts, no bruises, a few red marks on the butt of a two year-old child? A (so-called) grandmother, prosecutor, and judge as well as a few social workers think that's a child-losing offense. In Texas? Judges are elected here, and this one needs a serious drubbing at the polls and then some.

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