Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sorry, What Was That?

So the President can't just say some "just words" and cause prices to fall? Then WTH is up with oil falling $6 when he came out with a small increase in the amount of oil on the world's marketplace? Is the drop in the price of oil just words? Just speeches? Or would that be reality biting his soundbytes in the tuchus?

He said he couldn't lower gas prices in a day or two weeks. He could, but not with this. Two weeks, no . . . but give it a month or two.

*sigh* I shouldn't be surprised that he doesn't (or acts like he doesn't) understand market forces. I am not surprised when supply/demand and speculators' fears interact like they should. I just wish sometimes we had a different President . . . but then I remember we'd have McCain and I wonder which would have been worse for the nation.

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