Friday, June 24, 2011

Well, That Stinks.

The hard drive from the other computer with the fresh XP installation? Windows was acting up the other day and chkdsk found bad sectors. Last night it was acting flaky and chkdsk found more (new) bad sectors. This, my friends, is a Strongbad Omen for the future useful lifetime of a hard drive. Backup was funky but it was almost complete (missed some system files, got the more important bits). Now I'm off to try to clone the drive so I don't have to reinstall Windows again (again).

Downloading Clonezilla now. I already have gparted on a CD. Many thanks to Pablo Garcia for posting this article on Geeky Projects on how to use these two free programs to clone one hard drive to a smaller hard drive. If I don't b*tch and moan about it some more, you may assume the process went well.

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