Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wouldn't THAT be Peachy.

Justice Kagan has about 30% odds of growing a case of scruples and recusing* herself from hearing the dispute over the Obamacare individual mandate. That could leave us with a 4/4 split decision. There is a circuit split now, and a supreme Court split would leave it the way it is in the various circuits. There would be parts of the country where you had a legal obligation to "punk or pay" and get a health care insurance policy, and parts of the country where you wouldn't. Man, what a fine kettle of fish that would be!

I wonder if I could get a bookie to give me odds on the rate of population flight from the Obamacare mandate states to the free states.

In related news, it sounds like the court of appeals may not be buying what the Obamacare lawyers are selling, but that means bubkis until the ruling is actually handed down.

*Recusing. Blogger highlights it as misspelled as I type out this entry. Whatsa matter Blogger, government school spelling class or government school lexicon? Here's a clue: Recusing is not only a word but it's spelled correctly. Or maybe Blogger wants not to recuse herself? Ouch.

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KurtP said...

Oh- please God no!

WE have wayyy to many exiles from the Marxist states on the east and west coasts already.

Lets not overdo it and push Texas into a pinko state.