Thursday, May 14, 2009

ABLGS: Automatic Baby Landing Gear System

#3 is not very fond of the feel of grass on his bare feet. I went to set him down to go walk to Mama (ordinarily, he'll do almost anything to Go To Mama) and as he got lower to the ground a curious thing happened.

Have you ever seen an airplane whose landing gear retract by moving forward? Yes, well, his legs did the same thing. The little feet got about 4" from the grass and stopped traveling downward while the rest of him was still descending. In Baby Body Language, he said "There is no way in H.E. Double-toothpicks I am touching that stuff with my feet." Bemused, I raised him up to waist height again. His feet lowered to maintain height above the grass until his legs were straight down.

Lowering him a second time and then raising him, his feet retracted and extended again. And a third time. Later in the evening, he had just gone down the slide in the backyard and didn't feel like walking around again. I went to set him down after catching him at the foot of the slide, and he raised his feet as I lowered him, even to the point that his feet were higher than his bum! So I set him down on the grass, with his little legs in full contact with it. THEN he popped tall and walked over to Mama at the slide's ladder again.

Maybe you had to be there, but that's funny!

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