Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Pair Of Cardinals Walk Into A Bar And Say . . .

We have a deck behind our house. It has a jasmine vine creeping up one off the deck roof corner support posts.

A pair of cardinals has taken up residence in the jasmine. They built their nest in the thickest part of the foliage, almost as high up as they could be and still fly in and out under the deck's roof. Their nest is looking almost complete now. Sometime soon, with a bit of luck, we'll have to be shushing the children to allow Mrs. Cardinal to tend to her eggs in peace.

The children and I were playing outside and eating watermelon while my Darling Wife fried up some tacos for lunch. I've grown accustomed to her voice, so I heard when Mrs. Cardinal started peeping at us to leave her house alone. I took the children and dogs inside. Sure enough, a few minutes later, our little guest was back at work putting up wallpaper in the nursery.


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