Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rust? On My Gun?

#1 asked for a gun lesson tonight toward the end of supper, so I happily gave a short lesson on the difference between long guns and hand guns, and they (#1 and #2) recited The Four Rules for the umpteenth time. I pulled out a couple of cartridges from my sidearm and talked about SJHPs. Then I gave a lesson on disassembly of a Glock pistol. I got the thing field-stripped and gave it an inspection. There, on the right-rear lug of the receiver, was a spot of rust!

On my gun! This is unprecedented! It looked for all the world like a drop of liquid had gone down into the crack between the frame and slide, and just stayed on the steel lug for who-knows how long. It was surface rust, fortunately. The last time I had this pistol apart was a few weeks ago after the schutzenfest. The rust wiped clean, then I slathered the whole lug with oil.

I think what might have happened is that, one middle of the night, I set down my cup of water on the nightstand a little too hard and it splashed a solitary drop onto the pistol next to my alarm clock. That drop went un-noticed and was allowed to sit for up to a few weeks.

Inspect your guns, people!

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