Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The mustlims Terrorists Have Won.

At least partially, anyway.

Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell forgot he had a loaded magazine in his bag when he went to fly home from the NRA Convention.

The TSA people were more calm about it than he was.

He, a liberty-minded U.S. American, thought he was going to go to jail but Right Now. For carrying a few bits of stuff in his bag that are useless without another machine he didn't have with him.

Massad Ayoob once wrote an article about an America that was on its way to this point, where his main complaint was that the people at the counter were engaging in racial profiling when he went to fly with his gun on his hip. He was assured that wasn't what they were doing, and allowed to fly. Armed.

As it should be.

You know how many planes would have been in buildings and fields on 9/11/01 if the passengers had not yielded their liberty for security? Zero. You know how many of those passengers got security in exchange for their liberty? Zero.

They got DEAD is what they got.

You know how many times I've flown since the "for your saaaaafety" "No Pointy Objects" regulations came into effect? Zero. I am offended at the inference and refuse to subject myself to it.


Hat tip to Uncle.

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