Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

My Darling Wife very happily, and repeatedly, explained that it was the best Mothers' Day Present Ever. #2 asked if she wanted us to do it again next year, and I told him she wanted us to do it again next week.

When we pulled in the driveway, My Darling Wife asked permission to go to our next door neighbor's house, to deliver an invitation to Tuesday's Ladies Meeting. She asked because a) it meant I would have to get the kids to unass the ship by myself, and b) requesting to be let to drop off a sheet of paper is the same thing as asking to go over there for the rest of the evening and chit-chat, so c) that means I would be getting supper ready for #1 and #2, and feeding #3, getting them bedtime-businessed, and tucked in, by myself.

Off she went.

The house was messy. I set #1 and #2 to running (literally running) around, picking up the stuff off the floor, while watching out for #3, who was also running around, just because Brother and Sister were. I cleaned the kitchen and tidied up our bedroom, while #1 and #2 picked up the living room, dining room, and both their bedrooms. I called my Darling Wife to remind her she wanted to go to bed early tonight and she vaguely said something about coming home soon. I fed #3 and put him down, and had #1 and #2 read books in her room while I whomped up some supper. I called my Darling Wife and she reluctantly agreed to peel herself away from whatever chick flick they were watching next door, long enough to eat her eggs, which were declared by Yours Truly to be getting cold.

She left a house discouragingly messy with no supper cooked. She came home to a clean house and supper on the table. I done good!

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