Monday, May 11, 2009

International Socialists Destroying California. WOW!

The Service Employees International Union (read: international socialists) are destroying California, much the same way that the United Auto Workers destroyed GM and Chrysler.

The Governator of California and the unionized home health care workers in CA AGREED to get a budget-ameliorating pay cut for all the union workers in question. They agreed to it, as part of a (futile) desperate attempt to prevent the bankruptcy of the State of California. The SEIU [deleted]s went to Il Presidente Obama and cried about this agreement.

Il Presidente has agreed now that what is needed is to withhold $6.8 Billion of Federal Stimulus Money from California, until they rescind the appropriate legislation and raise the union's pay levels again.


The level of chutzpa involved here is just staggering. I would comment on the federal encroachment into state financial affairs, but the I'm actually FOR not giving out money like it comes from nowhere for free. (update 5/14/09: I was against the idea when it came up originally, too)

Just wow.


This is not the change you were hoping for

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