Friday, May 15, 2009

Austin Fire Chief Is Racist!

The AFD Chief Chick is a RACIST. There, I've said it right off the bat.

There are a pair of Assistant Chiefs resigning. There are more than a pair of next-in-line white firemen fully qualified for their positions. A person who believed in Martin Luther King's Dream would advance the men who were next in line for advancement without consideration for the color of their skin.

Hold on there.

The outgoing Assistant Chiefs are one hispanic and one black. Therefore, because Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr has no desire to share in MLK's Dream, she feels a requirement to make the Department "more progressive" (her words, I heard it with my own ears) by advancing a lower-ranked, less-qualified hispanic and black man to fill each position. She wants to advance them, not on the content of their character (which I do not impugn, they may be fine men), not on their qualifications for the positions (which they may be ready for, in a couple of years), but rather only because of the color of their skin.

She is "passing over" a bunch of White Guys because they are white. How is this not bald racism? If she passed over a bunch of black guys to advance a white, Nelson Lender would jump her [deleted] in a minute, but not a peep out of that low-life ACLU spokesmouth when some brown people are getting preferential treatment!

Okay, so the non-racist, fair-minded individuals as well as the racist whites are upset. What to do about them? Oh, well, I guess since we are REALLY TIGHT on the budget we'll make another Assistant Chief position so we can throw one of the white boys a bone.

Where is the incentive now for the non-'minority' firemen to strive for excellence and study hard, if their hopes of high-level advancement depend not on their knowledge, skills, ability, and job history but only on their skin color?


Raise your hand if you can think of some other societies that advance people on the basis of their "race". Lesse, there's Zimbabwe, there was South Africa, There was America SEVENTY YEARS AGO (how is this progressive, again?) and let's never forget who ELSE liked to advance (or kill) people on the basis of their "race."

YES I went there! My question is how did SHE go there?

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